From Life In A Tent To Joy In Tinseltown

Former singer-songwriter American Idol contestants Ammon and Liahona Olayan, the oldest of 9 siblings, shows that success can happen in an instant with a great song and strong family ties.


Utah siblings Ammon (18) and Liahona (17) Olayan whose heritage is rooted in Hawaii, are enjoying huge success with solo projects in the works and a joint album scheduled to be released soon since their original song “Listen To My Heart” (now called “Boom”) debuted on the ever-popular television show, American Idol, the series that revolutionized a landscape that pioneered the music competition genre. Their performance in front of the judges concluded with a standing ovation from Luke Bryan, earned praise from each of the Idol judges, garnered over 1.4 million views, and launched their success on the show.  


And now the multi-talented pair are prepared to release their new, highly anticipated single, “Make Me Forget It,” (produced solely by Ammon and Liahona) for their fans.


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Katy Perry Wants This Hawaii Brother Sister Duo SIGNED Right Now! Ammon & Liahona Olayan



Feb 21, 2021

Song Review

Released on February 26th via Empire Records, Ammon and Liahona have absolutely consumed our ears with this highly addictive and catchy new single. One of the things that we love most about it is that it’s such a lovely story of how the song came about, but rather that family stuck together and decided to create a thing of beauty in the form of music. Music is always powerful, but the bonds it creates and the magic that has happened here is unprecedented. Needless to say, we are loving this song. -We Write About Music

The brother-sister duo explained that they wrote the track, described as “pop-hop fun,” because they tend to fight a lot, and say things to each other they really don’t mean. Actually, they’re very close and do pretty much everything together, including writing their own songs.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, Liahona and Ammon have also performed music for the Church’s youth albums. In 2020,  Liahona performed “Good Day” on the 2020 Youth Album, and Ammon is featured on the 2021 Youth Album in the song “I Am a Son of God” The siblings also performed together at the 2020 Youth Music Festival where they performed “What Does He Think” Liahona believes that music better reflects her as a person and an artist, and it also dives more into her faith.


"Without music, life would be a mistake."


“Music is the soundtrack of your life.”

The oldest of 9 siblings, Liahona, a self-trained pianist and Ammon, who strums guitar and the ukulele, both live by their strong family value, “family comes first.” The two recalls the day their parents quit their jobs to leave behind a life in Utah to uproot their family, giving up all they were accustomed to, so that their children would reconnect to their heritage to bring the family closer together.

With just their suitcases and desire to be free from the busy world, the Olayan family went from the big city of Utah to Hawaii, living in a tent, near homeless, with no electricity, no beds, or television, no music, no school, or sports, to showering with a water hose. “We raised chickens, goats, ate fruits from the land, fished and spent lots of time together.” “I never knew how much my life would change,” he admits. But it was an experience that proved to be a wise decision.  

Boredom and missing the simple things in life that curious teens do, like hanging at the mall, and becoming weary by teen life on the island fueled Ammon’s motivation for writing songs. Tired from doing nothing, he reminiscences the words echoed by his dad, “why don’t you go write a song – do something with your time instead of just sitting around.” Which is exactly what he did.

To everyone’s amazement the 13-year who had never even written a line to a song created a track titled “I’m So Glad You’re My Mommy”, an ode to his mother for all the sacrifices she continues to make for their family.

And as testament of her appreciation for dad’s guidance, and her brother’s newly discovered writing skills, Liahona decided to do the same. At just the young age of 12, she had already began penning her own melodies and laying down harmonies.  Since then, the singing-songwriting duo have never stopped collaborating and performing as a team.

Ammon, a Brigham Young University business student, and Liahona who aims to meet her criteria as an early graduate from Orem High School in their hometown, spend time doing the things they love most – raised in a busy, happy-packed home with 9 fun-loving little brothers and sisters by their Polynesian parents and making music. They understand that family is their blessing, and that music is their gift.

Song Review

Unlike most brothers and sisters, however, the Olayans’ are also capable of turning raw emotions into catchy melodies and hurt feelings into thoughtful lyrics. In fact, they’re so good at making music together that they’ve turned their beef into an apparent hit single with Boom, an original composition that the pair performed on American Idol before celebrity judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

Suffice to say, the judges were blown away by the Olayans’ presentation during the televised audition that aired last month — with all three praising the teenagers for their “fresh” sound and considerable songwriting abilities. -Midweek

“I don’t even know what y’all were singing, I don’t even know what was going on, all I know is that I was loving the savantness of it,” Bryan gushed. “Yall complementing one another is absolute magic,” the country singer continued. “I think the sky is the limit and I’m just freaking out!”


Liahona believes that music better reflects her as a person and an artist, and it also dives into her faith.   

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You are talented beyond belief, incredible songwriters, like should be signed right now! That’s going to be your future, really, really, really, really soon,” Perry said. Perry went on to compare Liahona’s musical style to New Zealand’s Lorde and Canadian vocalist Alessia Cara.

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You are kidding me?! You are on the brink of something HUGE!

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Liahona Sings with Grammy Award Winner PJ Morton + Her Cover Of Audrey Mika's ...

Liahona sings an amazing version of “Just Friends” by Audrey Mika for her Top 24 solo performance. Her duet of “Say So” with singer and songwriter PJ Morton features incredible harmonies and earns a standing ovation from all the judges of American Idol. – American Idol.



Ammon and Liahona are currently working on a compilation of self-penned original tracks scheduled for in 2021. The songs described as colorful hip- pop-soul inspiring music journals through the lessons they’ve learned while embracing life in gratitude and appreciation. Songs include, “Always Gonna Be Us” (Ammon), “So Emotional” (Liahona), and “Came From Heaven” (Ammon and Liahona).